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Their time is up.....

Dare I say, we no longer need politicians who think it is their God given right to be re-elected..... Past Presidents have proven the value of term limits, now it's time to consider it for all elected officials.

In the beginning, we tried to make politics appealing so "good people" would want to serve and better their country, but unfortunately after getting some power, we learned most people don't stay good.

George Washington could have been King for life, but he chose to return home to Mt. Vernon. Our founders were not career politicians. They had other jobs, politics was what they felt as their civic duty, not a lifelong career. They really understood human nature, the nature of power, and politics. They didn't need term limits because they didn't think our citizens would turn politics into what it has become.

We have allowed politics to become a profession and by doing so we've created a ruling elite that has become disconnected from reality and the citizenry they're suppose to serve. If we are ever to become a

great and respectable country again, we must bring an end to the career choice of "professional politician" and return to "serving" for the good of our country, not ourselves, as our forefathers did.

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