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June 2024 – Trevor Donovan, who co-stars with Dennis Quaid in the upcoming biopic REAGAN, is currently in production as the lead role in WHERE THE WIND BLOWS in Montana. He is joined by actors C. Thomas Howell, (The Outsiders, Red Dawn and E.T.), Michelle Hurd,(Star Trek: Picard), Lochlyn Munro, ( CW's Riverdale, Scary Movie), and Ashley Elaine (Mayberry Man).


Based on the USA Today bestselling novel of the same name by author and western romantic writer Caroline Fyffe, the story follows Chase (Donovan), a rugged cowboy and solitary drifter with a closed heart and a troubled past who discovers his purpose while protecting a family in danger. Howell, Hurd, Munro and Elaine will play pivotal roles that intertwine with Donovan's character in a tale that unfolds amidst the scenic landscapes of Montana this summer.


The script is co-written by Fyffe, John Schimke—who will also direct—and Mike Maden, a five-time New York Times bestselling author. "I'm thrilled to take on the role of Chase in Where the Wind Blows. The story is rich with emotion and adventure, reminiscent of classic John Wayne Westerns. It captures the spirit and ruggedness of the frontier while telling a heartfelt and engaging tale. I'm honored to be part of such a talented team," said Donovan.


Trevor Donovan is a leading man and actor best known for his role as Teddy Montgomery on the CW Network's globally popular drama series "90210." Donovan also stars as Secret Service agent John Barletta in the biopic film "REAGAN," set to premiere in theaters on August 30. He gained recognition in A&E and The History Channel's hit mini-series "Texas Rising," alongside Bill Paxton, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Ray Liotta. Often dubbed the 'Prince Charming of Rom-coms,' Donovan has led several romantic comedies, further establishing his enduring appeal in the genre.


"Trevor was born to be in westerns, and I’m looking forward to bringing this story to life with him," said Director John Schimke.


Schimke, along with producers Brandon Smith and Eden Bryant, are bringing this story to life through Nova Vento Entertainment, Montana’s leading film production company. Ricki Maslar, CSA, is casting the film.


Donovan is represented by Michael Yanni at Good Shepherd Management.

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