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One Small Good Deed Can Change Lives

You're walking to your car as you leave the grocery store, which is about to close for the night. You're minding your own business as you spot an old man next to his broken electric wheelchair.

He seems frustrated, and clearly needs assistance. It starts drizzling a little, you feel bad so you ask if you can help in any way. He says, you're the only one who stopped to offer help, and he just lives down the street, if you can give him ride he'd be forever grateful. Of course you say yes, why not, he seems nice and it is starting to rain. Minutes later, you pull up to his house to drop him off, he smiles, asks your name, says thank you and leaves with his bag. A few days later, you see his picture in the paper, he died in his sleep, he didn't look it, but he was 91 years old. You feel a little sad but go on with your day. You get home that night after spending the day out running errands to find $10,000,000 piled in a room in your house with a note saying... "Thank you for your kindness, you restored my faith in humanity, please enjoy your life and continue to be you ." signed The Old Man.

2 questions. - #1 (if you don't live alone) You're the first one to see this, who's the first person you'd call? #2 What's the first thing you'd spend money on?

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Ivan D
Ivan D
27 de ago. de 2021

This iss a great blog

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